Best New Townhomes Near Orlando

Several new Orlando homes are available for sale now. There is nothing like owning your home. If you are a resident of Orlando and you have been dreaming of buying a home, you can take advantage of the hot new Orlando homes.

Apart from the ones in Orlando, there are many new homes near Orlando. The hottest ones are the townhomes near Orlando. Just like in every area, Townhomes near Orlando have a minimum standard. There are some features all new homes near Orlando have. Some of the general features of these homes have been outlined below

They have distinctive Mediterranean architecture with a typical Floridian touch. Their roofs are made of brick red barrel-tile. To be able enjoy swimming sessions even in winter, they all have pool heaters. The ceiling of each apartment is 9 foot high.

Occupants can spend some time to relax outside, in their beautifully constructed patio. All the patios have a splash pool although their sizes vary. These homes come with exterior lawn maintenance services although it is optional. A well maintained lawn adds a lot to the value of a home.

The techniques used in constructing the homes exceed all Florida’s building codes by far. The roofs have been professionally engineered for wind protection. So, no hurricane can damage the roofs. As a way to promote energy efficiency, the windows have room for direct sun rays for natural illumination. The front doors are well insulted to enhance warmth.

Talking about the kitchen, it has oak cabinets, it also has a refrigerator with an ice maker. That is not all, it has a smooth top oven and a double bowl stainless steel sink. A dishwasher and microwave oven are also available.

The bedrooms are also well equipped. The master bedroom has been positioned for maximum privacy. It is well spacious. In fact it is bigger than the other bedrooms. It has a vinyl bath with glass shower enclosure. All the bedrooms and stairs have been carpeted. There is a large capacity clothes washer and dryer.

For style and beauty, the window sills are made of marble. All the cable TV locations in the living room and all bedrooms have been pre-wired. This makes installation a breeze. All the closets therein are well ventilated. Each of the homes also has a well shelved pantry. What else could a home buyer be looking for? All you need to do is to move in with your clothes and that is all. You may even have to sell off some of your old appliances as the townhomes are well equipped already. It is noteworthy that the features listed above are the basic features. There are slight differences among the houses and there are more features than the ones listed above.

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