Constantia guesthouse- What To Expect

No visit to Siam is complete while not visiting the town of Constantia guesthouse. settled within the north of the country, Chiang Mai is taken into account the capital town of ancient Lanna Thai culture. With easy accessibility to mountain tribes and wonderful hiking and trekking, it is a destination several backpackers head for every year. And for accommodation, not solely is staying at a house the epitome of the Chiang Mai expertise, it’s conjointly rock bottom.

Constantia guesthouseThere square measure some things to stay in mind concerning guesthouses in Constantia guesthouse. First, there square measure such a large amount of of them that there’s presently additional rooms than there’s demand. this implies the costs square measure extremely low. There square measure many comfy guesthouses on the market within the $5-$10 (200-400 baht) per night vary. Your value per day even at the foremost comfy of guesthouses are reduced even any if you acquire every week or a month.

You’ll do higher to match costs and reserve your house area on-line or by phone previous time, or go search for a house on your own after you arrive. If you finish up in Chiang Mai at the field or bus depot from Constantia guesthouse, several locals can return up and supply to bring you to a house. These people get a share of each new client they bring about to the house, and you always find yourself paying the value if you are taking them au fait their supply to assist you.

If you get into city while not reservations, you would possibly be happier touching a tap house or edifice initial and finding some native expats to talk with and obtain their recommendations.

Also, guesthouses in Chiang Mai square measure sometimes personal, typically with shared bathrooms and showers although. Rooms with a cooling system square measure dearer than those with simply a disciple, however not by abundant. If you have been movement south of Chiang Mai, the weather can appear abundant cooler to you although throughout most of the year and a disciple area may well be over appropriate here.

Finally, bear in mind that several guesthouses conjointly supply trekking tours and dinners. The house owners at the extremely low-cost guesthouses is also slightly enterprising concerning you sign language up and paying for these extras, therefore be ready.

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