Praying To The East 5 Times A Day Is Sun Praise

Praying To The East 5 Times A Day Is Sun Praise

The religious beliefs based on sunlight praise have their roots in Babylon, the home of the Amors and Islam. The sunlight was always considered the Mommy God who gave life and after that took it. The country was at ‘her’ grace when it cannot appear points passed away. Male set up sticks to outline the program of the sunlight throughout the year and the two extremes were so potent a time they came to be the building blocks of ‘faith’. ‘Sol-stice’ is from ‘sun-stick’ while ‘eqin-ox’ was the marital relationship of the equine and also ox.

a-palestinian-man-reads-verses-from-the-quran-islams-holy-book-at-al-omari-mosque-on-the-first-day-of-ramadan-on-july-10-2013-in-gaza-cityTo explain these aspects it was necessary to recognize just how and also why ideas were conveyed and transported. That took me back to the beginning of the reasoning from which the gods were obtained. Words fell apart and the syllables identified as ‘terms’ were developed from symbols produced from the sun’s images on the ground.

Those very same images are discovered in Rock Art from the last Ice Age and also in tribal teams who remained ‘unpolluted’ by Western impact till current times. They likewise show up on monoliths in Europe, the Americas, Africa, as well as Asia. This reveals the prevalent circulation of the very same suggestions and points to a solitary parent impact.

The very first such image go back to c 300,000 years back as well as is that of the right-angled cross engraved on a nummulite covering fossil found in Tata, Hungary. The horse-ox marital relationship is explained carefully in the caves at Lascaux. The believing behind them is that the sun (steed) was fertilised by the bull (ox) at the start of spring.

muslims-praying1This is the basis of the majority of religious concepts today although the origins of them have been concealed. [H] is a late enhancement to the alphabet and also originates from the Greek icon for the ‘seat of Zeus’. That suggests the peak of the mountain and is exactly how it ought to be translated. ‘Or’ is an old term for ‘sunlight’ and [s] For ‘spirit’.

The initial term ‘or-s’ methods ‘sun-light’ or ‘sunlight’s spirit’. The beam of light became the ‘horse’ in folklore while the ‘bull’ is from ‘b-el’ or ‘birthing God’.

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[S] and also [5] are virtually the same in shape as well as they both indicate ‘spirit’. The number 5 identifies the sun as well as is a holy number in the majority of religious beliefs. The 5-point celebrity sits on the flag of Islam cradled in the arms of the crescent moon as well as the renowned photos inside the Kaaba, Mecca, are the sun and moon. The very same can be seen over the mosques.

3fa6e27ce7b6cf2e660f6a7067005fc6It is why Muslims pray to the east, the direction of the sun increase, five times a day. Catholic priests likewise pray 5 times a day as do those of other faiths.

The 2 beasts of Revelation spread sun-worship throughout the world via the religious beliefs they developed. The Mountain of God is a teaching that is dissolving the wall surface they developed to hide the Spirit of deep space.

The faiths based on sun prayer have their origins in Babylon, the residence of the Amors and also Islam. Guy set up sticks to outline the program of the sun throughout the year as well as the 2 extremes were so powerful a time they came to be the structure blocks of ‘faith’. The number five determines the sun as well as is a holy number in many religions. The 5-point celebrity rests on the flag of Islam nestled in the arms of the crescent moon and the famous photos inside the Kaaba, Capital, are the sun and also moon. It is why Muslims hope to the east, the instructions of the sun surge, five times a day.

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